We hope you have your box of tissues because things are about to get very emotional..

In all of the days that Mugen Rao has been in the Bigg Boss house, not a day goes by without him speaking about his family in Malaysia. And the whole of Malaysia has been rooting for a Freeze Task.

Your wishes have been heard and this week, Mugen has been reunited with his mother and sister in the Bigg Boss house. Both mother and son can be seen tearfully hugging each other in the promo video that was just released. Later, his sister walks in to join the emotional reunion and Mugen is seeing lifting her off the ground too.

Outside of the Bigg Boss production, Mugen’s family and best friend, Irfan, were seen getting acquainted with Abiramee who was eliminated a few weeks ago.

With so little days to the finals, do you think Mugen Rao stands a chance to walk home as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3?