It has just been a few days since the historic win of Malaysian singer and actor Mugen Rao on Vijay TV’s popular reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. But the drama seems to follow him way after he left the Bigg Boss house.

As Mugen is obliging media runs and endless interview and celebratory parties with his nearest and dearest, online trolls have started accusing his best friend, actor and host, Irfan Zaini, as riding on his wave of fame. Irfan Zaini has been a pillar of strength throughout Mugen’s journey during the competition. Lyricist Yuwa Ji decided to put these trolls to rest in a Facebook he penned a couple of days ago.

Lyricist Yuwa Ji

He wrote, “Why this sudden trolls and hatred for Irfan Zaini? He basically spend time, money and energy to be there with Mugen Rao to support him! I’m sure many of you would have jumped at the first opportunity to be at the (Bigg Boss) Grand Finale and be one of the first to take a photo with Mugen once he is announced as the title winner and proudly post it on Facebook and Instagram.

Mugen would be glad to see his friend there to celebrate his moment of greatness. And secondly, Irfan is already a TV anchor with his own game show, his second theatrical movie is releasing next month and another movie coming soon. He acted with actress Trisha as her brother in Kuruvi movie in his teenage years, constantly meet with Kollywood celebrities in many occasions where some of them even visits his house, a very talented actor and also a wonderful dancer.

Seriously he don’t need to take a photo with Mugen for cheap publicity. That’s a bit far fetched. Mugen and Irfan, rendu perume namme pillainge thaan (Mugen and Irfan are both out children). Oru pillaikku soru uuttittu innoru pillaikku visham tharaathiingge! (Would you feed one child food and the other with poison?) Let them celebrate this moment just like all of us.

And by the way, why is it when Indian singers perform Mugen’s song in stage shows, all of us are okay and proud with that. But when Irfan did a dance cover with the same purpose of celebrating Mugen, it’s for cari publicity? Ellame namme paarkure paarvaiyile thaan irukku (It’s all in the way we look at things).”

Why this sudden trolls and hatred for Irfan Zaini..? He basically spend time, money and energy to be there with Mugen…

Posted by Yuwa Ji on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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