In 2012, 23 years old physiotherapist, Jyoti Pandey Singh, was brutally raped and tortured by 6 men in a bus in Delhi. The men, including 2 minors, believed that they had to teach the Jyoti ‘a lesson’ for being out with a guy friend late at night. After 14 days and 5 surgeries, Jyoti died from brain damage and sepsis in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The incident caught global attention with protests, literary work and documentaries.

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Jyoti, widely known as Nirbhaya (The Fearless)

7 years later, Director Sam Khan has decided to make a film based on the Delhi bus gang rape incident. In the upcoming Tamil film Kadhal Mattum Vena, Sam Khan will also be starring as the lead, alongside Elizabeth, Divyanganaa Jain, and Hamida Khatoon. The film is produced by Meboob Ali Khan for Luckky Studios.

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