For the first time ever in Tamil cinema, a producer has announced that a finished film will not be released because the final version was not satisfactory. Bala’s Varmaa starring Dhruv Vikram will NOT be released.

Here’s what happened. Vikram roped in his good friend, director Bala, to launch his son Dhruv’s acting career. They intended to do so with the remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. E4 Entertainment was the production house that had the remake rights of the film. Bala then suggested that his own production house, B Studios would deliver the final version of the film to E4 Entertainment.

Bala and Dhruv Vikram

When the film was completed, Mukesh Ratilal Mehta, E4 Entertainment’s CEO, watched Varmaa and was flabbergasted at the poor quality of the film. The producer felt that Bala failed to retain the soul of the original version, and the director felt otherwise.

Insiders say that the producers had to make this drastic decision as the performance of the other actors in Varmaa were terrible, except for Dhruv. The running time of the film has also been reduced with many important scenes from the original version left out.

Also, before showing the final version of the film to E4 Entertainment, Bala released the trailer and teaser of Varmaa for public consumption.

These, among other issues led E4 Entertainment to make the drastic move to scrap Bala’s Varmaa, and reshoot the entire film.

In a press statement released E4 Entertainment said, “We, at E4 Entertainment, are not at all happy with the final version handed over to us and due to various creative and other differences, we have decided not to release this version. Instead, we will start afresh, and shoot a new version of ‘Arjun Reddy’ with Dhruv as the main lead staying true to the soul and intention of the original.”

The press release went on to say, “Despite this unfortunate turn of events which cost us heavily, our love for wanting to see this cult film in Tamil has not diminished in any way. We will, therefore, work tirelessly as a new united team towards a June 2019 release.”

Bala’s Varmaa also starred Megha Chowdhury, Easwari Rao, Raiza Wilson and Akash Premkumar. The music was composed by Radhan.

When contacted by Behindwoods, the lead actress Megha Chowdury said “I’m completely unaware of this. Today is my birthday, and this information is news to me. I will talk to the concerned people soon.”

Sources are saying that Vikram is in the midst of talks with Bala and the producer. However, both parties appear to be adamant. Bala is confident with his version of Varmaa, and Mukesh is terribly unsatisfied with the final product.

Bala is a National Award winner, and has come up with movies like Pithamagan, Sethu and Paradesi. Bala’s Varmaa was scheduled to release on Valentines day. The details of the new cast and crew, apart from Dhruv, is yet to be released. The film is expected to hit the screens in June this year.

Was Bala doing Vikram a favour by making Dhruv outshine the other actors? Looks like it cost him the entire film.