First things first, the restaurant is called Baen Cafe.

Now, let’s get into the story.

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The aromatic fragrance of bay leaves and spices in soft Basmathi rice topped with tender meat and dhalca leaves salivating and hungry way ahead of lunch time. Briyani is the South Asian version of chicken soup for the soul. However, the cooking process and plentiful ingredients used in the creation of this delicious cuisine, makes it a little heavier on the pockets.

Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Owner of Baen Cafe

Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, the owner of Baen Cafe, does not believe that Briyani should have such a hefty price tag. So, he decided to sell Briyani at RM0.10 (You read that right)!

Ibrahim inherited the business from his father 15 years ago and want s to ensure that his customers leave with a full, happy tummy at an affordable price. Baen Cafe, that is located near Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara in Jalan Pondok Upeh, receives around 400 customers daily. His clientele are mostly low-income working adults and students.

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Baen Cafe is usually packed during lunch hours

Ibrahim said that his customers are able to enjoy a complete meal; Briyani, meat, vegetable and a drink, for under RM5.

You know where to go next time you are in Penang.

Source: The Star