“You ARE the Human Calculator”, Asia’s Got Talent judge & prominent record producer, David Foster, said after a 15 year old teen from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia wowed the judges and the crowd at the reality talent show.

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Yaashwin Sarawanan at Asia’s Got Talent

Yaashwin Sarawanan is a 15 year old student from SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn who has been sharpening his skills in mental arithmetics over the years. Yaashwin appeared confident as he poked fun at David Foster and interacted with the judges and audience.


Yaashwin began by handing Foster a calculator and asking him to fire difficult mathematical questions that included complex multiplication and division problems. He solved it with such ease and could even provide answer up to 10 decimal points. At one point, he was answering the mathematical problems faster that the calculator that Foster was operating.

When it was time for the judges to vote, it was an easy decision as all three judges gave him a big ‘YESSS!’ allowing Yaashwin to advance into the next round. The ‘Human Calculator’ received a standing ovation for his incredible talent.

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