Simbu’s upcoming film, Maanadu was supposed to begin filming on the 3rd of February. For unknown reasons, filming did not commence on said date, and has not begun up until today. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Maanadu was announced by the producer, Suresh Kamatchi, in 2018.

Simbu’s personal cheerleader, Mahat Raghavendra, tweeted an image of the actor who is currently in London. Sources say that the actor is in the UK to ‘undergo rigorous physical training to get in shape for his Maanadu role’.


Numerous reports surfaced that Maanadu was dropped. This was due to the massive box office failure of the actor’s last film, Vanthaa Rajaavathaan Varuven. Simbu’s fans took so social media to show their disappointment with the film.

However, the producer of Maanadu has rubbished these rumours, and confirmed that Maanadu has not been dropped and is in its pre-production stage. The filming will begin in April.

Sources suggest that the failure of Vanthaa Rajaavathaan Varuven has impacted the budget of Maanadu, as the latter will be incorporating plenty of computer generated imagery (CGI). It is said that once Simbu returns from London, he will meet with the producers to rework the budget of the film, to make the project financially feasible.