A victim of alleged sexual harassment will be charged in court tomorrow for criminal defamation.

In August last year, the victim took to social media to share her horrifying experience of being allegedly violated by her dermatologist, Dr Ruban Nathan during a consultation. The victim also lodged a police report and a complaint with the Malaysian Medical Council against dermatologist.

According to victim Tashny Sukumaran, her own complaint to the police was filed ‘No Further Action’ because the police ‘could not find sufficient evidence’. In a Twitter thread, she detailed her experience of being violated and the inaction that followed from the authorities.


Tashny recalls how Dr Ruban allegedly threatened to sue her along with another victim who came forward. He then filed a police report accusing her of criminal defamation. In her Twitter thread, Tashny questions the Attorney General Chambers of Malaysia, quoting Attorney General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas.

This turn of events, while incredibly ironic, also marks a dark day for the many of us who are victims of sexual harassment. The very system that has been put in place to protect the people of Malaysia appears to be crumbling, and we shudder to think that this is just the beginning.

More updates to follow.