20 years ago, Dr Muraly was detained under the Emergency Ordinance. He was the ketua samseng of a gang.

He spent 6 years of incarceration for multiple crimes committed and even had to endure solitary confinement. Muraly was determined to turn over a new leaf by reading the life story of Nelson Mandela and The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) chief V Prabhakaran. He learned about the sacrifices they made for their own people.


On his dad’s 50th Birthday, Muraly carried a disabled individual up the 272 steps of Sri Subramaniar Temple in Batu Caves to pray at the shrine during Thaipusam.

Since then, Muraly founded an NGO called Tamilan Uthavum Karangal (Malaysia Tamilian Helping Hands). Their main purpose is to help carry disabled people up Batu Caves, giving them a chance to fulfill their vows without any difficulties during Thaipusam. Now the team has over 700 members and they been helping out for past 20 years.

Apart from running an NGO, Dr Muraly has been giving talks to Indian students on staying away from crime. This man is an inspiration to all the youngsters of our community.

Follow their journey or volunteer with Tamilan Uthavum Karangal by connecting with them here.