Mannin Mainthan Malaysia, the Instagram account dedicated to promoting personalities of the Malaysian Indian community went missing early this month.

Their account, @mannin_mainthan_malaysia, which had a following of 125,000, now says user not found. Their Facebook account, however, is still going strong. It was on this platform that they announced that their official Instagram account has been hacked.


A person who goes by the Instagram handle @kumar_klia, the founder of Mannin Mainthan Malaysia has announced its rebirth on his personal account.

Interestingly, Instagram is well aware of the threat of hackers, and has put in place an easy step by step procedure to verify the original account owner. This makes it very straightforward for the party that was hacked to regain their account. It is unclear if the Mannin Mainthan Malaysia were subjected to this.

This has, however, led to multiple new Instagram accounts being created, with variations of the name Mannin Mainthan Malaysia.

The Varnam team wishes Mannin Mainthan Malaysia the best on their reemergence!