Congrats to the teams behind these films!

To celebrate this Indian New Year, all Astro customers can enjoy four locally-produced, new telemovies in Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam and Tamil on Astro Vaanavil (CH 201), Astro GO and on demand. The telemovies for each dialect will premiere on 25 March and
from 13 to 15 April.

Marc Lourdes, Vice President, Indian Channel Business, Astro, said, “This new year we are pleased to bring all our customers four locally-produced telemovies in Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Tamil.


Astro says that they remain committed to championing local content and talents while supporting the Malaysian Indian film and TV industry which includes the development of language, arts and culture for the community.

Customers can tune in to Astro Vaanavil on:

25 March: ‘Rangulu’, Telugu telemovie directed by Soma Kanthan, premiering on ‘Ugadi’
(Telugu New Year), starring Prakash Rao, Vanishrri Rao, Ravin Rao and Chenipaiyen Blake

13 April: ‘Rabba Mereya’, Punjabi telemovie directed by Arjin Uppal, premiering on
‘Vaisakhi’ (Punjabi New Year), starring Avinder Singh, Hemant Shergil, Navinder Kaur,
Gurvinder Singh and Malkit Kaur;

14 April: ‘Kanmani Anbodu Kathalan’, Tamil telemovie directed by Kavi Nanthan (director of
‘Venpa’) premiering on ‘Chithirai Puthandu’ (Tamil New Year), starring Kuben Mahadevan
and Pashini Sivakumar;

15 April: ‘Acchammakku oru Vishukani’, Malayalam telemovie directed by Shalini
Balasundram (director of ‘Pulanaivu’) premiering in conjunction with ‘Vishu’ (Malayalam
New Year), starring Datin Shaila Nair, Anandha, and Kirtiga Nair

Enjoy watching them with your families!