Malaysian golf legend V Nellan passed away at 2.30 am yesterday at University Hospital, Petaling Jaya. He was 71 years old.

His son Tharvindren has confirmed the news to the media.

“My father had always done things his own way. He was always joking. Even at the hospital, despite having just vomited, he was still joking with the nurses. I could hear laughter behind the curtains,” said Tharvindren, who revealed that the MCO was difficult for his father as he wasn’t used to staying put at home.

“He was always outdoors, travelling and living his life. We thank God that he was in the country when the MCO was imposed,” said Tharvindren.

Nellan played in two World Cups in 1976 (Palm Springs partnering Zainal Abidin and finishing 32nd) and 1977 (the Philippines partnering Bobby Lim) where he also recorded Malaysia’s best finish in the championship, ranking 11th. The veteran golfer has been playing the sport for more than half a century.

The Varnam team extends our heartfelt sympathies to the family of V Nellan.