In the midst Covid-19 pandemic, a group of medical students have came up with a brilliant imitative titled MoreViralThanTheVirus. This movement is represented by youths in over 100 countries. 

The Malaysian chapter of this initiative has their own social media handle, called MoreViralThanTheVirus Malaysia. They aim to educate the public about the myths and facts surrounding Covid-19. This group of medical students want to help to support the frontliners and government to emphasize the measures to stay safe.

The group has also launched their first project, Project #ViralMyths showcasing the common myths our community has blindly believed without scientific evidence and the explanations behind it.

The team is also currently in the making of a video project entitled #WhyWeStayAtHome which sees different people across Malaysia answer the burning question, “Why are we staying at home?”

This is in addition to a number of upcoming projects to continue spreading awareness on this invisible enemy.

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Day 2: Stay home, and Stay Fit THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHOW US HOW STRONG YOU ARE! Whether you’ve been working out every single day this MCO or even if you haven’t started at all, we want you to take this opportunity and challenge yourself to stay fit! 🙂 Take a video of yourself doing: 1. 10 Jumping Jacks 2. 10 Burpees  3. 1 Minute side plank (each side) 4. That was warm-up, now show us your favourite workout routine (etc. from youtube) Most importantly, don’t forget to post it on your IG story and hashtag #7DayWellnessMVTTV ———————————————————————————————— Day 2: Stay Home, Stay Fit INI ADALAH PELUANG ANDA UNTUK TUNJUKKAN KEPADA KAMI KEKUATAN ANDA! Tak kira jika anda telah bersenam setiap hari sepanjang PKP atau jika anda belum mulakkan senaman lagi, kami mahu anda menggunakan peluang ini untuk challenge diri anda untuk stay fit! Rakam video anda semasa melakukan: 1. 10 Jumping Jacks 2. 10 Burpees  3. 1 Minute side plank (kiri dan kanan) 4. Tunjukkan rutin senaman favorite anda (cth: dari YouTube) Jangan lupa post gambar yang diambil ke IG story dan hashtag #7DayWellnessMVTTV!

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Keep up the good work, MoreViralThanTheVirus Malaysia!