(From left to right) Engineer T. Thilageswary and university student M. Shakkthivel looking at the laptop while S. Kandiah (on wheelchair) and pharmacist P. Seevaratnam look at the orthotic walker donated by the newly-weds. Pic by: ZHAFARAN NASIB/The Star/ 20 June 2020

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many couples have resorted to conducting their weddings on a much smaller scale.

One such couple is pharmacist P. Seevaratnam, 32, and his engineer wife T. Thilageswary, 29. The couple are fresh off their wedding ceremony held at their residence in Ayer Itam. The event was attended by only 20 people.

Source: TheStar

The couple channeled the money saved up for their initial wedding towards the needy. They purchased a laptop for M. Shakkthivel, a first-year software engineering undergraduate student. In addition to that, the newlyweds procured an orthotic walker for former Penang Island City Council worker S. Kandiah, who is suffering from Charcot’s foot.

Seevaratnam’s family had donated Kandiah’s motorized wheelchair two years back.

“We would have spent close to RM80,000 if we had gone ahead with both the temple wedding and reception,” said Seevaratnam, whose wedding was supposed to be held on May 31st.

He said that they were done with the wedding arrangements before the Movement Control Order (MCO) came into power. After much consideration, they choose to hold a simple ceremony at home with the presence of their close ones.

The couple stated that they followed the standard operating procedures, “For example, we checked the temperatures of all our guests, prepared hand sanitisers and registered all their details.”

“It was important to seek their blessings,” Thilageswary said, adding that the two deserving recipients of their donation were recommended by Malaysian Hindu Sangam.