The tale of Mahalachumy Prabhakaran, a 51-year-old cancer survivor who is still going strong by making her own living despite the health ordeal she went through, is not just a mere motivational story-like indulgence, but is something that can serve as an inspiration to all of us; that is to never give up despite how hopeless a situation may appear.

The sturdy woman who sells nasi lemak for only RM1, came as a shock to all of us especially when the price of a simple nasi lemak has now increased to RM2 to almost RM6.50 in order to cope with the recent economy downturn which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.


She has been selling nasi lemak to purely source money for herself and not to make profit from her sales. The hardworking lady sells nasi lemak alongside Jalan Taman Sentosa, Klang in small banana leaf packets. Thus, enabling her to sell nasi lemak for a cheap price.

A Twitter user took to his personal account to share about Mahalachumy. He also further stated that she was eagerly seeking for a better job to keep herself going.

The announcement immediately became the talk of the town, with a lot of them pouring out their heart felt feelings and even to the extend of requesting her bank account details. She has been receiving a flood of responses and support from fellow Malaysians.

Apart from selling nasi lemak, she is also paid to peel onions for a restaurant. Should there be good samaritans out there who intend to reach out to this lady by offering her a better job opportunity, kindly get in touch with Roob Ganesan here.

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