A special shout-out to our young Malaysian Indian artists!

These three young students seem to be on course to becoming the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. Every one of us is born with artistic sensibilities. Remember how you wanted to change the world when you were young? Some children and young adults are doing it.

K. Kanniesh Theeran, a nine-year-old student from SJK(T) Rawang strikes the first prize in the 2020 State-Fish Art Contest under the international category. He has earned a place certificate, letter of achievement, and a trophy from Wildlife Forever, the organiser, and an American non-profit conservation charity.


According to Wildlife Forever’s website, the competition was inspired by a fifth grader’s homework in 1997. The competition saw the participation of more than 5,000 entries from 47 American states and 32 countries.

While Kishen Madev Yoganathan, an eleven-year-old student from SJK(T) Permas Jaya, Masai brought home the prize from the 2020 State-Fish Art Contest under the international category.

“The pupil discovered there was little information on all the different state-fishes in the United States (US). “The annual international contest has been around for over 20 years educating kids, teachers, and parents on aquatic resources, conservation, and fish.”

Theeran’s mother Kangathevi Ponnudorai told StarEdu the pupil always had an interest in arts. His winning piece was a drawing of a Chinese Pangasius Catfish, which he also had to write an essay on.

“He planned well, did his homework, and completed it in two weeks. Theeran wants to join politics when he grows up. He’s always talking about wanting to become a leader, ” said the enthusiastic mother.

To add to the family’s pride, Theeran’s younger sister, Kanniesh Shindavy from SJK(T) Rawang had her artwork selected as part of the Lucia Bocchino Fund for Promising Young Artists’ 2020 International Virtual Exhibition.

Each year, the fund holds a contest and exhibition under the theme, ‘Who is a Woman in your life that inspires you?’

This is the first time she’s receiving recognition for her artwork and it took three weeks for her to finish the abstract artwork. The aspiring lawyer received a congratulatory note and a badge of recognition from the fund.

Their noteworthy contributions to the field of art make us proud all over the world. Let’s celebrate the existence of these little geniuses, and give them the attention they deserve!

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