Renowned shoemaker Bata has committed itself to donate 1 million pair of shoes to frontliners and their families all around the globe. A number of countries in Europe, Latin America , Africa, Asia-Pacific and India will be significantly impacted by the donation.

Bata believes frontliners who are battling the Covid-19 pandemic with exemplary fortitude and devotion need a good recognition for their sacrifices.


Bata will donate a range of suitable shoes for the entire family ranging from men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, children’s shoes and school shoes with an aggregate value of RM 3.6million, a total 60,000 pairs. 

In Malaysia, Bata decides to donate 60,000 pairs of Bata shoes to the Health Ministry (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) in respect and admiration of the services offered to the nation by healthcare workers in the midst of facing the global outbreak.

Bata established in the year 1894, is popularly known for designing comfortable, stylish footwear at remarkably affordable prices.

The shoe making company is a family-owned business that sells over 180 million pairs of shoes annually in 5,800 stores and produces locally in 22 Bata-owned manufacturing plants spanning over to five continents. Bata resides in more than 70 countries with 35,000 employees.

Bata acknowledges the impact of health-care workers who have worked tirelessly, from April to date during the Covid-19 pandemic high point by offering them footwear to appreciate their contribution to the country

This is purely due to health care workers not only had to risk their lives by being at the frontlines 24/7, but they had to also put their family at stake in order to be of service to us.

Bata Malaysia’s Managing Director, Ajay Ramachandran expressed gratefulness to every healthcare worker for their contribution to the nation and hopes the donation of their shoes would bring them happiness.

This is such a noble act undertaken by Bata because they are beholden to the efforts and sacrifices of our dearest Frontliners who have pledged to protect the country during the Covid-19 virus outbreak!