While most of the teenagers these days are relishing Netflix and PS4, Haresh Varman is what we could call different as he invented Lisa; an astounding life-saving device that is bound to save many lives. And we think that’s quite impressive, after all, it’s not like every kid could think of creating such a device at a very young age.

Yes! The 14-years-old boy is one smart cookie!

Under the Malaysia Young Scientist Conference & Exhibition (MYSCE 2020), the young scientist from SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1, bagged a gold medal for his exceptional invention. The virtual competition was held in August and Haresh won in the Computer & Science Mathematics category by competing with participants from Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia.


So, what is a Lisa device?

Lisa is short for lifesaver devices that are placed in a car to alert the parents in any incidents such as forgetting their children or pets inside the vehicle. Haresh arose with this invention based on the recent incident where a 4-year-old toddler in Kedah dies after she was accidentally left in a locked car by her father. Realising this, Haresh invented Lisa as in a way it could help to curb the hot card death several hours before an unlikely event.

What makes his success even more sweeter?

He has been selected to represent Malaysia for upcoming Asia Pacific Young Scientists Conference – APYSC 2020 which will be held virtually from Bandung, Indonesia in November.

For Haresh, the sky truly is the limit!