A full rundown of all the ways COVID-19 is changing the entertainment landscape around the world is something we have all somehow gotten accustomed too, well at least in these last few challenging months. Movie buffs were denied the privileges of watching their favourite blockbusters in the comfort of a cinema, in lieu to the strict procedures by governments the world over due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Kollywood, film releases and festivals go hand in hand. One of the two major occasions for the big release is during Deepavali. Over the past endless years, it’s been a common feature to have a variety of 8-10 movies hitting the big screens on the propitious day. However, this year Deepavali will be very different as the Tamil entertainment world is hiding and barely there’s any buzz or excitement that is ordinarily related to the release of blockbusters as the celebration of lights approach.


So, is that a blessing for our local film industry?

“Local movies have their own fan followings and we Malaysians should support local movies. Lotus Five Star (LFS) Cinemas provide full support for local talents and this upcoming Deepavali would be an encouraging platform for our local producers to release their movies to a larger-scale audience,” he was quoted as saying during an interview with Bernama.

Doraisingam, who runs LFS Cinemas, one of the largest cinema chains in Malaysia, said they would continue adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government to stem the spread of COVID-19, by allowing only 100 viewers in a 200-capacity cinema hall.

Meanwhile, three local Malaysian films namely Poochandi, Paramapatham, and Mr Peyi will slat on Deepavali which falls on the 14th of Nov 2020. Poochandi is expected for a Nov 12 release, while the latter two will be released on Nov 26 and Dec 17, respectively.

Guys, its time to show support to our local talents, give em a chance!