Malaysia has experienced significant growth in multiple fields, which have led to huge changes, particularly in terms of enhancing the country’s economy, continuing to improve living standards of the people, creating career opportunities and facilitating new regulations to ensure the development of the country.

In order to ensure the consistent stability of the country in order to support and maintain all aspects of society, the government needs detailed information and data for planning , policy formulation and execution of various socio-economic development programmes.


Statistics obtained through the 2020 Population and Housing Census (MyCensus 2020) conducted by the Department of Statistics Malaysia are therefore vital in ensuring that economic and social development planning can be adopted and fulfill the needs of all communities across the nation.

Source: DOSM official Twitter

According to Makkal Osai, young millennials with IT and computer skills, part of the Indian community, should help people to fill-up the 2020 e-Census in order to make sure the nation is entirely involved in this new maneuver, said community leaders.

The chairman of the Malaysian Hindu Sangam of Kerian district said that it would be vital for Malaysian Indians to engage in the census. 

It continued that the decreased number of Indians pre-registered in the e-Census system showed that they’re more likely not computer savvy or phone-literate.

It is very important to update the MyCensus 2020 data as The Information Accumulated will assist the government in the allocation of public funds between federal and state levels, especially in the areas of education , health care, law enforcement and public transport.

This equal distribution can be accomplished by the government on the basis of a reliable amount of population data. All information is gathered from a census covering family data, social services, housing units, economic practices and basic needs of people with disabilities and senior citizens.

If you have any enquiries regarding MyCensus2020, check out their official page here for more updates!