The Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) is offering a RM50,000 reward to members of the public to help find M. Indira Gandhi’s daughter Prasana Diksa who was taken away by her ex-husband. Their current exact whereabouts are unknown, but are believed to have fled overseas.

“This RM50,000 reward is for anybody with any information regarding Prasana Diksa’s whereabouts. If they have sighted her, know the neighbourhood, if they have seen her with any other person, when, where … we will reward them accordingly,” Ingat chairman Arun Dorasamy told (Free Malaysia Today) FMT, An Online News Portal

Many of us are in Malaysia are certainly familiar with the name M. Indira Gandhi, a single mother who was embroiled in a complicated child custody battle with her ex-husband who  converted to Islam and took her then toddler away from her.


The custody case had been a long and hard battle for the mother of three, and more than a decade later, she is still searching for her now 12-year-old daughter.

Indira’s search for her youngest daughter is coming in to its 12th year. The toddler was then only 11-months old when she was taken away by her ex-husband.

In her continuous search for Prasana Diksa, Indira is also attempting a 12-day ‘Justice Walk’ of 350km walk to Putrajaya, to present a letter to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin! 

The Ipoh kindergarten teacher will be joined by affiliates of Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat). Ingat chairmann Arun Dorasamy stated that they would also submit a memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah on the way to Putrajaya to meet Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

 “Ingat and Indira are taking our plea for justice to the rakyat and to the Prime Minister, on a 12 days of walking, 350km, doing a “Justice Walk” from North to Putrajaya to deliver a letter demanding justice, God willing.” 

Her youngest daughter is believed to be have been kept away by her ex-husband K. Padmanathan, who later switched his identity to Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and fled away!

A mother’s rights over her child was provoked and ripped away from her bare hands!

In 2018 the Federal Court, ruled in a significant judgement stating that the coercive conversion of her three children to Islam was invalid. The President of the Court of Appeal, Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, enabled Indira’s final attempt to appeal the legitimacy of the conversion of her children by her ex-husband Muhammad Riduan.

In granting the appeal, the court declared that the Certificate of Conversion given without the permission of the appellant (Indira) was null and invalid, thus her 9 years of pleading with the law of justice upon the custody on her kids were finally granted!

Source: News Straits of Times

Nevertheless, despite the declaration made, Indira, the epitome of bravery kept on proceeding with her plea and made many other attempts in seeking justice.

Earlier this year, a plea was filed to find her husband whom fled from the country by granting the finder a cash prize of RM10,000.

Source: The Star

Indira reflected how her 13-year marriage had taken a heavy hit due to financial pressure, which she related to her ex-husband ‘s failure to keep a job.

Indira further stated that Muhammad Riduan had once proposed leaving Hinduism to another religion in order to benefit from privileges and financial support.

“At first, he chose Christianity, but when he figured that converting to Christianity wasn’t going to bring us anything, he suggested we convert to Islam so he could be entitled to privileges to help ease our financial problems.”

Muhammad Riduan, then known as K. Padmanathan, eventually converted to Islam on March 2009 and subsequently arranged for the collective conversion of all three children.  Indira on the other hand, ain’t giving up on getting her own flesh and blood back. No one can ever stop a determined mother to embrace her beloved and precious child once again.

Indira, we hope you find your bundle of joy soon, we are all behind you!