SJKT Kangkar Pulai science teacher S. Gomathy, 47, proudly displaying the latest international awards that she won for developing a mobile application and inventing a range of natural hair products.

A research professor S. Gomathy, from SJKT Kangkar Pulai, Johor Bahru has earned a gold medal for her eccentric inventions varying from tech-savvy to homemade natural products!

Gomathy has spanned her innovation skills in building a smartphone application that serves as a library for postgraduate students, as well as a set of hair products made using plant based naturally derived ingredients.


“The idea for the mobile application came from a problem I faced as a PhD student where I have a long list of journals and reference materials that are tricky to keep track of. So I decided to develop an application to keep tabs on all my notes and materials which I can access easily on my smartphone or laptop, ” she said in an interview.

The 47-year-old claimed that she branded the application Crunchy Centella Asiatica “MCCC” inspired from one of her inventions which are sweets made from Centella Asiatica Herb, commonly known as pegaga.

“Pegaga is a type of herb known to work wonders for the brain but difficult to get kids to eat it because of its bitter taste.  So I decided to incorporate the herb into recipes for murukku, chips, cupcakes and sweets, which were a hit with my pupils who called the snacks ‘brain tonic’, ” she stated.

To reflect its function, similar to a bran that stores information, Gomathy named her mobile application after her famous pegaga snacks. “MCCC” was an acronym for the Malaysian programme, a thorough search of references, concise and accurately published, aligned with the way the thesis was done.

Besides this achievement, 2020 marks the third year for the mother-of-two being honoured again by iCAN with two gold medals and one silver in 2019 and 2018 respectively for 3 consecutive years.

iCAN is an annual event hosted by TISIAS and, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s award was held online.  This year, inventors across 60 countries whom presented their inventions through video presentations participated in iCAN, which offers prospects for researchers and inventors to showcase their inventions.

Despite her medical complications resulting from a slipped disk and with on-going treatment for 3 years, it did not hinder her from pursuing her dream which eventually came to fruition.

Gomathy is definitely an inspiration to all women out there!

Since beginning her innovation journey in 2010, Gomathy has achieved a list of 73 international awards and more than 50 prestigious national awards.

Her natural hair products, all natural and plant based received the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations 2020 Special Award and Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS) Special Award and many notable accolades from netizens!

“After receiving a laboratory report to certify the products are safe and chemical-free, I gave samples to some relatives and friends who experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy for cancer and they said the products helped with hair growth. I created these products to satisfy my curiosity, with no intention to market them because I am a teacher, not an entrepreneur. I get my ideas from simple everyday things and sometimes it will pop up while I am interacting with my pupils in class and I will get them to experiment with me to make the classes more interesting, ” she said.

Her award-winning all-natural hair products include hair serum, oil, soap and mask, Gomathy in a news report said the process took about 30 tries across three months to finally get the chemical-free ingredients right such as coconut oil and a variety of herbs.

Gomathy has also started a YouTube channel to help share her knowledge with her pupils outside of her school, in hopes to inspire these students.

As she finalises her tertiary studies on obtaining a doctorate, she is always keen on looking to expand her hands and knowledge more whilst exploring and inventing systematic products that will be useful for the nation sparring no time to waste!

This iron lady is a definite revelation to all!

Source: The Star