Malaysia has recorded a moderate increase in Covid-19 cases today bringing the total number of cases to 799 in comparison to 649 cases yesterday, as revealed by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Presently, there are three (3) deaths, 10,392 active cases and 491 recoveries. This count makes a great revelation that Covid-19 cases in the country have yet to see a major drop. 

Meanwhile, Robinson Co. (Malaya) Sdn Bhd will be closing its two departmental stores in the country due to the effects brought about by the pandemic, and will start the liquidation process following weak store sales in view of the rise in online sales.

Johor Bharu district was declared a red zone earlier today. In a news report, Johor Health and Environment Committee Chairman R. Vidyananthan had stated that an area is considered a red zone when it records 41 cases or more in the span of two weeks.

“On Thursday (29th October), 10 new Covid-19 cases were recorded, including nine from existing clusters and one from other screenings,” he said in a statement here on Friday (30th October). Some 42 cases involving eight work colleagues, 17 of their family members, 11 of their family members’ colleagues, five students and one of the student’s family members in the Kempas cluster, ” he said.

Stay safe, always wear a MASK when you’re out, sanitise and practice safe social distancing.