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Every university or college graduate’s dream is to celebrate their convocation ceremony with family members and friends. 

However, something else happened to this man when his biological family could not attend the convocation ceremony.

But luckily Mohamad Ridzuan Che Mohamad Zin had his Indian adoptive family who were willing to enliven the atmosphere by being there for him on his memorable day, celebrating the joyous occasion with him.

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The relationship between his foster family and him began 13 years ago when they Met while working at KTM Berhad Pulau Mutiara, Penang.

“I had just started work. Ganesan was my senior during the on-the-job training. He was always helpful and generous when it came to imparting knowledge,” recalled Mohamad Ridzuan, 36.

Despite the age gap and racial difference, their relationship grew stronger and both families would also visit each other during festive seasons.

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Ridzuan said the kindness shown to him by 60-year-old Ganesan and his family had always amazed him.

“When I spent a night at their home, they prepared a sejadah (prayer mat) for me to perform my prayers. When I visit them during the month of Ramadan, they will cook and have the pre dawn meal with me,” said Ridzuan.

All of them also had buka puasa meals together, he said.

Ridzuan added that Ganesan’s family had become his adoptive family.

When Ridzuan graduated from Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah three years ago his aged parents who were living in Kelantan could not make it to the ceremony due to health reasons. He was sad knowing this.

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However, Ganesan who was bursting with pride over Ridzuan’s achievement travelled all the way from Penang to Shah Alam, Selangor along with his family for Ridzuan’s convocation ceremony.

“Till this day, I still feel surprised and touched that my adopted family came all the way from Seberang Perai for my convocation ceremony,” said the mechanical engineering graduate when interviewed by mStar.

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Ridzuan is married now with a child and had wished to celebrate this year’s Deepavali with Ganesan’s family but the Covid-19 pandemic stopped it from happening. He had been visiting them during Deepavali for the past 12 years. 

“Otherwise, I would be there wearing a new jippa suit and catching up with Ganesan and his family,” Ridzuan added.

Source: The Star