Living through the deadly pandemic has now become a new norm adhered by all. Most of us have somehow learnt to adapt to the new normal and began to live life amidst the alarming outbreak.

However, while most of us have been strictly adhering to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) that have been placed upon us, yet we still come across those that completely ignore the precautions for their own safety at the same time putting others around them at a greater risk.

With the high rise of Covid-19 cases, spiking up to more than a thousand cases a day, the government plans to open up our borders to boost tourism by welcoming travellers from green zone countries.


In a statement, Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri stated;

The government is considering opening its border to help boost the tourism sector. We are now working at negotiating with countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand which have been identified as Green Zones

The matter on opening borders were initially raised by local trades to keep their respective businesses afloat. However, she expressed concern that, the decision prior to this matter will only be made after a discussion with the ministries in concern among which, the Ministry Of Health (MOH).

With concerns on the high rates of cases daily, Nancy urged green zone visitors travelling to other countries for holidays to fully practise the SOPs particularly in ensuring physical distance throughout their journey.

She further states that;

We do not want the number of Covid-19 cases getting high after the government has approved the green travel bubble because at the end of the day, it will affect the economy, especially our tourism sector.

In view of the severity of Covid-19 cases in the country, I believe the government should be more diligent in handling travel affairs to avoid the alarming rise in cases.

The country’s daily count of Covid-19 cases is now at quadruple-digit numbers, hence, the authorities should put public safety first and not jeopardise their health in a reasoning to fix the country’s falling economy.

Opening the borders merely, to boost tourism would deeply sabotage the lifes of Malaysians, due to the high count of Covid-19 cases. I hope MOH would make a rational announcement in regards to the proposal made.

Sometimes its better to be safe than sorry!

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