The current COVID-19 case has lately reached its highest number ever recorded in the country marking up to 117k cases with 483 deaths! As of yesterday, the country’s total COVID-19 cases reported stood at 1,704 new cases, with Selangor making up the majority of the outbreak.

During its recovery movement control order (RMCO) period, Malaysia is currently battling its third wave of COVID-19 and has recorded A four-digit daily COVID-19 Infections count for about two weeks.

There were also 11 new deaths, raising the death toll to 494 nationwide. The deaths were of 10 Malaysian citizens and one foreigner, aged 53 to 77.  A total of 124 patients, with 51 needing respiratory assistance, remain in intensive care.


The spike in COVID-19 cases has caused a few business and commercials outlets to close down temporarily for sanitation procedures. Based on reports, IKEA Damansara has been closed down. Infections were reported among the co-workers and service partners of the outlet, during one of its regular spot inspections.

This is the second time, IKEA has been closed temporarily due to COVID-19 infections.

Followed by this, yesterday (3rd January) Jaya Grocer at the newly launched KL East Mall Outlet was closed down due to a confirmed COVID-19 infection involving a security guard.

The grocery company made the announcement on the same day that it would be undertaking precautionary measures to close down Jaya Grocer and all staff including outsourced personnel to undergo a swab test.


On 10th June, Malaysia entered the RMCO phase, gradually reopening almost all social, educational, religious and business activities, as well as economic sectors. Interstate travel was also allowed while the borders of the country remained closed.

The end of the RMCO was previously slated for 31st December 2020. The country currently holds a massive increase of cases to a total of 119,077 COVID-19 with 21,365 currently listed as active or infectious cases.

Hence, due to a massive increase in COVID-19 cases, with a high virulence factor, the RMCO in Malaysia is extended until 31st March 2021.