After his teenage son, K.Vimal Raj became permanently disabled having undergone multiple operations, J.Krishnasamy filed a medical negligence suit against the Health Ministry (MoH), Ampang hospital and three doctors

He filed the lawsuit last month through Messrs AJ Ariffin, Yeo & Harpal, alleging that his son had become disabled caused by the negligence and violations of the doctors. 

His 17-year-old had his left hand below the elbow amputated, his right leg below the knee and the left heel and toes cut off in 2019.

Picture credit: Suara Rakyat Malaysia Official Facebook

The poor teenager’s father, a 46-year-old former lorry driver, resigned from his job to look after Vimal. His mom, a security guard, is the sole breadwinner now.

Prior to his hospital admission, Vimal had an allergic reaction in his genital region and he was only diagnosed as suffering from “balanitis,” which is claimed to be a treatable disease that commonly occurs in uncircumcised males. 

Anti fungal creams, antibiotics, improved personal hygiene and circumcision are also included in the treatment. 

Vimal was admitted to Ampang Hospital on 15th January, 2019, and he was discharged just two days later without recovering completely from balanitis. 

He lost consciousness at home and was subsequently taken to the emergency department of the hospital by Krishnasamy for urgent medical attention.

As Vimal was still unconscious and had entered a coma on 23rd January, the medical staff of the hospital kept him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

Picture credit: Suara Rakyat Malaysia Official Facebook

Krishnasamy was told by one of the medical staff attending the boy to sign a blank consent form without explaining the risks and type of treatment or medication they would provide for the boy. 

The father then found out the next day that the toes and hands of Vimal were darkening and turning black and swollen. 

Krishnasamy, however, said the medical staff of the hospital had failed, refused and neglected to provide him with any details on the deteriorating condition of his son.

The boy’s left arm below the elbow, right leg below the knee, heel on the left foot, and toes on the left foot were amputated between 15th March and 26th November, 2019, causing him to experience significant disabilities. 

Picture credit: Suara Rakyat Malaysia Official Facebook

Krishnasamy said his son had been diagnosed with various diseases such as cancer, HIV, tuberculosis and peripheral gangrene involving the left upper limb and bilateral lower limb after Vimal’s admission to Ampang Hospital on 23rd January. 

However, to date, the father said that the hospital had not given reports or a diagnosis of the mentioned illnesses.

The hospital also failed to make an accurate diagnosis of the suspected illnesses of Vimal, the failure of which caused him to be administered multiple types of drugs without knowing the root cause of the illness he was suffering from. 

Initially, the hospital declined to provide full information about the type of care and medication that was given to the child. 

High Court Judge Ahmad Bache ordered the Health Ministry and the hospital to deliver Krishnasamy papers, documents, records and consent forms within 14 days on 8th January of this year. 

The judge also ordered the hospital and the state, by 22nd January, to file their defence. Vimal’s father is now requesting special, aggravated, exemplary and general damages.

Source: Free Malaysia Today