Datuk Nicol David, who had an extraordinary nine-year stretch as number one in the world, outclassed 23 other athletes from across all editions of the 40-year history of the World Games in a poll, representing their respective sports. 

In an online poll, our Squash queen was given the title of “Greatest Athlete of All Time” by the International Sporting Association, where she won a total of 318,943 votes, ahead of tug-of-war champion Jame Kehoe and powerlifter Larysa Soloviova by over 200,000 votes.

After the first edition took place in Santa Clara, California in 1981, the Greatest Athlete of All Time poll was held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of The World Games

Picture credit: Tatler Malaysia

The poll began on 8th January, which featured 24 athletes, and ended on 31st January at 11 pm. Collectively, there were 1,204,637 votes cast. 

Prior to her retirement in 2019, Nicol who is of Indian and Chinese descent had dominated the international squash scene, despite holding the world number one ranking for a record-breaking 108 months in a row.

To top it all off, her legacy has once again shone brightly in the eyes of the world. 

In order to congratulate Nicol, Malaysians have since taken to social media platforms.

According to Borneo Post online, Nicol said when commenting on her win:

It came as a surprise to see me amongst these other top athletes and I’m grateful for this…hopefully it can elevate attention for the future of squash, and it’s a proud moment to represent my country and Asia.

The winners will receive an Athlete of the Year trophy and a branded gift from the official sponsor.

Datuk Nicol, you serve as an inspiration and role model to us all. Congratulations on this prestigious title!