Something truly amazing has happened at this year’s World Photography Organisation (WPO) and Sony Malaysia competition. 

Of all exceptional Malaysian photographers, a marine biology graduate, Yoganathan Loganathan cliched the top prize in the National Awards competition. Despite his young age, the talented photographer participated in the Open competition in the Natural World & Wildlife category by submitting his Ray of Hope photograph. 

Picture Credit: World Photography Organisation

The shot of a long-tailed macaque, also classified as a crab-eating macaque, was photographed in a mangrove forest in Kuala Gula, Perak. 

The National Awards program is an initiative set up by the WPO and Sony to support photographers around the world, with the involvement of 53 countries this year. 

More than 330,000 photographs were submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 from 220 territories and over 165,000 entries were submitted in the Open competition (from which the National Awards winner was selected).

The World Photography Organisation is a multinational photography forum that activates projects each year in more than 50 countries to help artists working in the field of photography. They support photography in all its aspects, which is via international show tours, online competitions, and coveted awards to joint ventures and high-end art fairs, and are committed to the progress of their collective of artists and photographers.

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