KL lites and Selangorians brace yourselves for another round of water disruption, this time around to last for 68 hours. According to a statement by Air Selangor, this disruption is scheduled to begin on 3Oth March.

This disruption is done due to maintenance purposes at the mentioned area to avoid further water disruption from occurring in the near future resulting from pipe damages.


First, there will be new pipe shifts and extension works at Persiaran Selangor Section 15, Shah Alam, which will result in a 48-hour water supply disruption from 9am to 9pm on 30th March.

Planned water supply disruptions will occur in 5 areas in the Petaling Region, 14 areas in the Klang Region, and 11 areas in the Shah Alam district. At 9am on 1st April, water supply is scheduled to be completely restored.

Second, valve replacement works in the raw water pipeline from the Klang Gates Dam induced a temporary obligation of the Pineapple and Wangsa Maju Water Treatment Plants, resulting in a 68-hour water supply interruption in 12 areas in Gombak and 46 KL areas.

On 6th April from 9am to 9pm, this valve overhaul work will be carried out. On 9th April beginning 5am, the water supply is scheduled to be completely restored.

As a result, Air Selangor plans to carry out substantial asset maintenance at several water treatment plants, including Cheras Batu Water Treatment Plant 11 on 15th June, the Sungai Langat Water Treatment Plant on 6th July and Sungai Selangor Water Treatment Plant Phase 1 on 5th October. The execution of planned works, on the other hand, is subject to SPAN consent.

Listed are the areas expected to face the scheduled water disruption:

After receiving SPAN approval, Air Selangor will provide a more detailed list of affected areas and the water supply reconstruction timetable.

Consumers are urged to store a sufficient amount of water and use it sparingly during this time!

More updates to follow!