Ghora is the latest local Tamil movie to hit cinemas – and it was made solely to scare you out of your skin.

Directed by Devendran Arunasalam, the horror film stars Karnan G Crack, Mugen Rao, Ruvela, Yasmin Nadiah, and Sara Baskin in leading roles.

We recently had the chance to catch the film in the cinema, and here are a few things about Ghora that really impressed us:


The cast line-up

The casts of Ghora is the main reason why you should watch the film. The film follows the story of five close friends – played by Karnan G Crack, Mugen Rao, Ruvela, Yasmin Nadiah, and Sara Baskin – who face some mysterious setbacks in their lives. Even though the main actors reiterated that they did this movie with very little experience, they all displayed a satisfactory performance and did their characters justice.

All five of them had great on-screen chemistry – especially Karnan G Crack, Mugen Rao and  Ruvela – their portrayal of playful, young boys was very endearing to watch.

Also, keep in mind that this film was shot 3 years ago, so it gives us a good reference point to see how all the actors have grown and evolved into what they are today. Even in the movie, as the plot unfolds, you can see how each character transforms after every strange incident.

A treat for horror fans

Ghora is an outright horror movie – there’s no secret about that. The entire movie is filled with supernatural elements. While watching Ghora, there were moments where my heart was racing, there were moments where I got goosebumps, and there were moments where I nearly shrieked in fear. (One person who definitely did scream in the cinema was Kuben Mahadevan, who was seated right next to us!)

There were also moments where I just couldn’t look at the screen because it was too unbearable for me. I’m a major weakling when it comes to horror films, and Ghora did a good job triggering my fears and making me watch the movie with my hands covering my face half the time. I also blame Jey Raggaveindra’s spot-on BGM for all the adrenaline rush and hyperventilating during the film!

If you guys love a good horror movie with plenty of jump scare moments, this is a movie you don’t want to miss.

The plot twist

Aside from being a horror film, Ghora also tackles other elements like love and friendship in the movie – which makes the final plot twist even more shocking. We’re not revealing anything more – go watch Ghora in theatres today!

Another thing we really liked about the film was that all the characters were given equal importance. Even though Karnan G Crack was deemed the hero in the group, all five actors had significant roles in the movie and all of them contributed to driving the plot. Kudos to the director for that!

Here’s the trailer for Ghora: