Knowhere Bangsar is certainly like nowhere else! The restaurant with a catchy name situated in Bangsar is always abuzz with the after work crowds on weekdays and families during weekends (yes, children are very much welcome here).  With an adjoining doorway, friendly service, and the murals of large keyholes painted on the feature wall (creating the vibes of Marvel Cinematic Universe), Knowhere has brought a new and creative perspective to the local dining scene.

In light of Merdeka celebrations, Knowhere Bangsar offers an assortment of popular local cuisines. This cosmic themed watering hole restaurant presents the new Cita Rasa Gemilang menu that will take guests on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the rich cultural heritage and history of the nation.


Knowhere Bangsar invites guests to foster and rekindle an appreciation for our nation with dishes inspired by fresh local ingredients and the popular local cuisine of Malaysia and each of Her 13 states. Inspired by the emblem of fresh local ingredients, the establishment is a truly rare-to-find Malaysian-style concept where diners can taste a variety of all-time favourite Malaysian inspired dishes without committing to just one gluttonous meal.

Cone Inchi Kabin

Cone Inchi Kabin is the perfect starter before the main course. A Nyonya-style fried chicken marinated with over 10 spices & coconut milk, served in a crispy popiah cone with spicy butter garlic sauce. The perfect bite-sized appetiser gives a little kick infused with so much of deliciousness.

Pizza Tempeh Teratai

Pizza Tempeh Teratai is the ode speciality to Malaysian flavours. This Italian-style thin crust pizza is topped with tempeh, lotus root, and dehydrated hibiscus on a spicy tomato-sambal base. A combination of flavours and textures as rich as our nation’s history and culture that come together more beautifully than you’d think. 

Pearl of the Orient

Widely known for the variety of local delights, one of the must-order is undeniably the dish Pearl of the Orient, which is their take on Penang’s oh-chien (oyster omelette). Fresh bite-sized oyster egg omelette with baked cheese, chilli, and shallot pickles in an oyster shell. 

Bambootiful Char Siew

The roasted BBQ Char Siew Chicken with bamboo steamed butter rice is served with soy sauce. The melting sugar plus the seasoning has given the Charsiew its characteristic shiny glaze and with a texture succulent in the centre, sweet and caramelised on the outside.

Heaven Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok is certainly one of the iconic dishes in Sarawak. The lightly toasted soy angel hair pasta topped with barbecued minced chicken oyster and chicken charsiew in a yummy broth is a dish worth a try.

Inkredible Laksa

The juicy orange roe in the head of the prawn just seeps and makes the taste phenomenal. The amazing way that the tautness of the prawn flesh blends into the springiness of the mixed seafood squid ink spaghetti is like these two components were just made for each other.

Cheesy Lekor

The Terengganu inspired, deep fried Keropok Losong Lekor is baked with cheese. Great on its own, or dipped in homemade sweet chilli sauce. 

Chicken Lemak Podeh 

The whole chicken leg was skilfully marinated before being roasted to perfection and served with a vibrant masak lemak cili api broth & slightly crisp cocktail potatoes. It is noteworthy that the chicken should be consumed quickly for the best texture!

Pasta Laksam-Mana 

An appetising spaghetti served with vegetable condiments and spicy house made sambal belachan salsa. A one-of-a-kind delicacy!

Sushi Mempelam

Knowhere Bangsar’s refreshing take on an old Perlis favourite with Sweet Thai Gold Lily Mango. The fresh mango was skilfully rolled in a glutinous rice wrap, and served with mango mousse, sushi style. 

Coconut Lempeng

A true pleasure in every bite!

The traditional Pahang-style pancake was served with fresh coconut ice-cream, topped with homemade chocolate sauce and cocoa powder.

Tau Fruit Fah 

This soft, silky tofu pudding and unearth delicious gem of nata de cocoa, topped with pandan infused gula Melaka syrup was irresistible.

Bahulu Baby

As interesting as it sounds, the mocktail was outstanding in terms of flavours. Inspired by Kuih Bahulu, made from soybean, vanilla syrup with a creamy vanilla foam top.

“We believe that food is the love language and core of the Malaysian Spirit,” Said Bernard Joseph, General Manager of Knowhere Bangsar. 

“You could say this menu of 13 dishes and 1 drink is our love letter to Malaysia, and we hope this reinvigorates the love for our nation, hence the tagline ‘You Will Believe Again’,”  he added.

We could not find the one word that would perfectly describe our dining experience at Knowhere Bangsar.

Our taste buds were teased, tickled and tantalized and all we could tell was …we had a taste of Malaysia!

With these mouth-watering morsels and palate-titillating drinks, the restaurant offers a soul-satisfying dining experience that definitely left a lasting mark in our hearts.

Knowhere has also undertaken various initiatives to make our independence day more cheerful with various activities, including the Sarong Sundown Cookout session on the 23rd August, from 4PM onwards, priced at RM65++ per pax, as well as a Merdeka countdown celebration with local vinyl DJ collective Disko Santan on the 30th August.

Keen to have a memorable Merdeka with delightful Malaysian cuisine? Visit Knowhere Bangsar, located at 50, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Knowhere is open daily for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery from 11 am – 12 am. “Cita Rasa Gemilang” will be available daily until 16th September 2020.

Keep up with Knowhere Bangsar’s latest promotion here! Happy Merdeka!