Recently, a video of few netizens putting up an awareness sign board went viral. This sign board was built at the hotspot where suicides often take place. 

Hats off to those who came up with this great effort, as this issue should be seen by everyone.

Nowadays, many attempt suicide regardless of age or gender. There was even a report of a suicide attempt by a young kid in South Africa.


Sadag said the youngest person to commit suicide in the country was a six-year-old boy who hanged himself in a school bathroom in 2017 in Limpopo. – EYEWITNESS NEWS

Hearing this just shatters our hearts. How can a kid who has not lived his life, decide to take his own? What made him do this? 

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, health, financial crisis, family issues and the list goes on. It could be anything, but can’t we find at least one reason to live? 

Sometimes, life can be miserably hard to deal with. We have often heard people with depression say, “Waking up each day and facing people is one of the toughest things to do when you have depression”.

So is that it? I fairly believe we’ve all been through suicidal thoughts. We have faced many challenges that just tear us down.

Yet no matter what, life must always go on, as everyone would say! It may sound very simple, but that’s what it is.

A gentle reminder to everyone, life is always beautiful despite the sorrows you face in between. Everyone around you is fighting their own battles. Living without problems is just impossible. Perhaps, facing the problems and dealing with them is what makes us human. 

So, let’s not take our lives for granted, let’s not complain so much, be grateful and complete this journey of life which will be more adventurous as we grow. 

Instead of focusing on the ‘problem’, take it as a ‘lesson’ and grow upon it. Ending your life doesn’t mean you have solved the problem. In fact, you have just created more for your loved ones.

Pix credit: Latha Mangeshkar

As the saying goes, “Don’t give up because of one bad chapter in your life. Keep going.. Your story doesn’t end here.”