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Shubasini Revichandren who was former Miss Malaysia Petite Spokesperson 2017 has set up a “food bank” in Taman Kinrara, Puchong.

This was started over the last month with her husband, Raj, who came down with basic necessities and food like biscuits, sugar, rice, Milo, milk and so on.


The young lass has been through a very tough phase, hence she understands the struggles of those in need.

Shubasini told her husband to build a shelf to be placed on the sidewalk of a self-service laundry center in Taman Kinrara, Puchong in order to make it easier for anyone who needs to take the food.

She told mStar;

I come from a simple family and only used to eat once a day. So I understand very well how it feels to live in poverty. Small contributions during this pandemic are done to enable the less fortunate to get at least food supplies for them to survive.

Shubasini said she was grateful for actions taken by others to help the less fortunate and the free food supply that was well provided by her husband. 

Picture Credit: mStar

In fact, she said, she will ensure that all food stock on the shelf are always sufficient and will restock the supply every two days.

The laundry workers there will contact me every day to tell me that many unfortunate individuals have come and picked up necessities on the shelves. I was touched when the workers told me that people were kind enough to top-up more food to help the less fortunate. That was part of my motive, when deciding to open this ‘food bank’- in order to create awareness among the community to help the needy.

Shubasini also left her personal phone number on the shelf to allow anyone to contact her for help in any way possible.

In fact, the couple also wanted to take the initiative to visit the homes of the needy to provide assistance as well as listen to the problems they face.

She also said;

If anyone has trouble buying food, paying medical bills or buying school supplies for children, do not hesitate to contact me. Recently, we also helped four families to buy various school supplies for their children and there is no other feeling than being happy when you see them smile.

When asked about her sources of funding by mStar, Shubasini, now an entrepreneur, said she only makes use of her personal money and that of her husband to fund the needy. 

She further explains;

Thankfully I have more sustenance from the business I run. I channel that sustenance to help the needy.

Shubasini said, even more delightfully, the volunteer work done with her husband is growing as it begins to capture the attention of the multiracial community that wants to join her mission. 

Recently, she received a call  from a Chinese woman who wanted to join hands and be part of this noble work to help uplift society during this crucial time of need, more so in the midst of a pandemic.

Imagine this, we don’t know each other but this woman contacted me asking how she could lend a helping hand. I was touched because this simply shows how we are are very concerned about each other as Malaysians

She plans to set up several more ‘food banks‘ in other areas in the near future and hopes more people will benefit from it.

If you think life is hard, trust me, there are more people, especially during this pandemic, who are struggling to make ends meet. Some suffer just for a bowl of rice.

And all we can do as human beings is to be kind enough to lend a hand in hopes to help them suffer less.

I guess this is the moment for us to stand together, feed the nation and help each other. Please do so if you can, even a small contribution will bring a smile to one’s face. In this case, the former Miss Malaysia Petite Spokesperson 2017 sets a good example.

Source: mStar

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