Between 1998 to 2003, the iconic Malaysian TV sitcom Kopitiam ran for seven successful seasons, forever etching their presence in Malaysian hearts. The show highlighted the friendship between Marie (Bessey), Uncle Kong (Tan Jin Chor) and Uncle Chan (Mano), lawyer Susan (Teoh), hairdresser Steven (Douglas Lim) and aspiring actor Joe (Rashid Salleh) and received a few nominations and wins at the Asian Television Awards.

Leading regional streaming service, Viu, are bringing back the classic Malaysian sitcom, Kopitiam, with a fresh twist. Rebooted as Kopitiam: Double Shot, the show boasts a talented cast of actors which includes Douglas Lim, Melissa Campbell, Harvinth Skin, Charles Roberts, Rashid Salleh, Sharifah Amani.


Directed by Imri Nasution, the Kopitiam once owned by Marie is now the property of a prematurely jaded Steven (played by Lim). Just as he plans to sell off the unloved business, a couple of regulars offer to take it over.  Recently retrenched dreamer Alia (played by Amani), and her spacey but well-intentioned bestie, Seleb (played by Melissa Campbell). Together with a cute but awkward chef (played by Harvinth Skin), a know-it-all helper who refuses to be fired (played by Charles Roberts), and the world’s most improbable Hollywood star (with the role of Jo reprised by Rashid Salleh), the gang embark on all manner of (mis)adventures in their bid to bring the long-forgotten Kopitiam into the 21st century.

Kopitiam: Double Shot will be available exclusively on Viu on 28 November 2019, with 2 back-to-back episodes out every Thursday. Viu-ers can watch the series on the Viu app, available for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.