RJ Balaji and Priya Anand starrer, LKG appears to be a social statement on Tamil Nadu politics. Directed by Prabhu with music by Leon James, the screenplay for LKG was written by Balaji himself

This film is a reflection of current day politics in Tamil Nadu. The introductory song is apt, a Sean Roldan crooned remake of MGR’s Ethanai Kaalam Thaan. Balaji takes a jibe at actors turning politicians, and the media twisting politicians’ statements into tantalizing bits. There’s even a ‘Tamizhan da!’ moment when with a North Indian news anchor asks Balaji, “Why are you Tamillians a little weird?”

There’s a subtle barb at current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. A politician is seen dressed in black, stretching over a rock before looking at the camera with a thumbs up, saying “I challenge Kajal Aggarwal,” (Google Modi yoga if you don’t get the reference.)

LKG is set out to be an entertainer with a message. This film might just be the dark horse that shakes up the Tamil film industry. LKG releases later this month.