Actor Vivekh has made the leap from comedian to lead actor before. In his upcoming film, Vellai Pookal, however, he will be playing a veteran police officer who investigates a crime in the United States of America. Can you really blame us for feeling the Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu vibes?

Vivekh is seen as a retired police officer who moves in with his son in the US, before stumbling onto a crime, with the trailer reminding us, “Once a cop, always a cop,”

Vellai Pookal also stars Charle, Pooja Devaraya, Paige Henderson and Dev. It will be a Ramgopal Krishnaraju musical and the cinematography is handled by Jerald Peter. The film appears to be completely shot in the US, and features beautiful scenery.


Vellai Pookal is produced by an American company Indus Creations in association with Tentkotta, the online streaming platform.

Indus Creations was set up by a group of Indian expatriates based in the US who passionately devote their time for performance arts, to raise funds for various charitable organizations in India. They do this by way of various theatre shows and film productions in Seattle.

Vellai Pookal will hit screens on the 18th of April.