Jiiva is on a roll. His film Kee has just been released, and he is awaiting the release of two films this year, Gypsy and Gorilla. The trailer of Gorilla was released over the weekend and the film, minus the primate, is giving us total The Bank Job vibes. Jiiva appears to be trying hard to emulate Jason Statham in this heist film.

While the basic premise is the same – they are both heist films, the dissimilarities between Gorilla and The Bank Job are many. Gorilla obviously has a yawn-worthy kaadhal sub plot and more interestingly, a chimpanzee, Kong, as a part of its cast.

Sam CS, the mastermind behind Vikram Vedha‘s music has composed the tunes for Gorilla, and based on the trailer, we aren’t disappointed. This Don Sandy directorial will also feature
Shalini Pandey, Yogi Babu, Rajendran, Ramdoss, Sathish and Vivek Prasanna.


The heist itself barely looks believable, and will make Statham cringe in shame for being compared to this pathetic robbery. But let’s not forget that this is the first Tamil heist film, and this is JUST the trailer. Here’s hoping for more substance than monkey business in Gorilla.

Gorilla will hit the screens in June.