Arya has already decided who his Top 3 ladies are on Enga Veetu Mapillai, and we are this close to the finale!

But before that, Arya decided that it was about time he completed a long overdue task – to meet Susanna’s son, Naidan.

Arya arranged for Naidan to be flown in from Toronto so all three of them can finally hang out and he can get to know Susanna’s son better. Susanna got very emotional when she saw Naidan – she hadn’t seen him in almost two months.

Arya took Naidan and Susanna to the zoo, and then to a theme park where they rode on the carousel and played bumper cars. Naidan seemed really shy and reserved around Arya as it was their first time meeting each other. However, Naidan seemed to warm up to Arya a bit towards the end.

Here are some pictures of Arya hanging out with Naidan and Susanna: