Kalvanai Kandupidi is a brand-new local supernatural series by Karthik Shamalan.

The 26 episode features talented cast that includes Lingkesvaran Maniam, Pashini Sivakumar, Magen Vikadakavi, KS Maniam, [email protected] G, Raaj Ganesh, Ravin Rao, Santheran, Sangabalan, R. Mohana Raj, KPT (PA) Ramasundran, Subashini Asokan, Renny Martin, and Sai Kogila.


“We are excited to premiere this first local Tamil supernatural series and we hope all Malaysians enjoy it,” Karthik said.

The series revolves around Vishankavel Rajamoorty (Vishan), who loses interest in life after the murder of his beloved girlfriend, which he feels guilty about.

He begins a quest to try and communicate with her soul one last time, and along the way, gains supernatural powers that enable him to communicate with the dead.

He takes on a job as a private detective solving murder cases but matters get complicated in the supernatural realm when a soul is set free and seeks revenge against Vishan.

This series will premiere on 1st July on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231).