The ongoing Batu Caves predicament has caused quite a stir among the Indian community in Malaysia.

Local filmmaker Umaghandan Krishnan has spoken out against the way that some Malaysian Indians are handling this issue – by resorting to name calling and spreading lies and rumours about the case.

Umagandhan called for his fellow Indians to stop fighting amongst each other and solve the issue in a more reasonable way. In fact, he’s offered to step up as the mediator between team Agamam and the management so the issue can take a more amicable turn.

“Batu Caves Issue – I’m proposing a Solution!! Open invitation to both team Agamam n Management !! Don’t fight among us !! Don’t let other races laugh at us !! Three Minute Video if you care please share !! Nandri!” Umagandhan said on his official Facebook page. 

Watch the full video here: