WATCH: Vishal Is Scared Of My Snake Tattoo, Says Varalaxmi


Recently, the Indiaglitz team caught up with Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Sathish for fun chat time.

In the interview, Varalxmi was asked to assign some hell punishments – Anniyan style – for a number of actors. She revealed that she would kill her best friend Arya with leeches, and director Thiru would get attacked by buffaloes.

For Vishal, however, she chose the horrifying death in a snake pit. According to Varalxmi, the 6-foot tall Vishal is has a snake phobia, so much so that he’s even scared of a snake tattoo she wears on her hand.

P.S: I think Sree Sonic just got himself a high profile victim. Get Vishal on the show!