Most of the time, movies are pretty complete when they’re finally wrapped up. There are many scenes, although some shots never made it into the final cut. 

The first major Tamil theatrical release of this year was Master. Whereas a deleted scene from the movie has been unveiled on the Amazon Prime Video OTT website, and it’s currently the talk of the town. 

An important scene cut out from the film and questions have arisen by Thalapathy fans including myself;


Why was it deleted in the first place?

In the 4.49 minute deleted scene, Vijay was seen talking to the college management after Savitha was sexually harassed by a college student. Vijay slaps the perpetrator in defence of the girl before he explains that sexual abuse is not right and what a girl wears should never be an excuse for harassment. He also warned the offender’s mother that if she did not hand over her son to the authorities, such unacceptable behaviour would be repeated.

Well, if you guys look at the scene clearly, the answer is there:

Savitha (96 fame Gauri Kishan) was caught giggling from the scene at 0.58 second till 1.00 minute and at the scene’s 2.02 minute while Vijay was seriously delivering his strong message over sexual harassment! 

The scene gave those film enthusiasts a blip due to the small mistake by the heroine. Who would smile when there’s a serious on-going talk about college-related sexual harassment?

Obviously, Lokesh Kanagaraj had to do away with the scene, but netizens have at least witnessed the powerful performance of our Thalapathy.

Watch the full deleted scene here:

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