The rise of COVID-19 cases in the country is alarming. As each day goes by, we hear of cases increasing all too rapidly. Sadly, Malaysia happens to be the top ASEAN country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported currently!

According to Ministry of Health (MoH) the rising cases in Malaysia is now due to the “super-spreader event”.

You may ask, what is “Super-Spreader Event” ?

The “Super- Spreader Event” happens when there is an existence of an exceptionally dangerous virus-infected bacterium. In the sense of a human-born disease, a super spreader occurs when a person who is more likely to infect others quicker than a normal infected person.

This occurs when people contract the deadly virus unknowingly,  and spreads across to the others when they are in a crowded or closed space area with a mass number of people around. These event is known as the “Super- Spreader Event” because the carrier of the virus is capable of spreading it across instantly to a large group of people immeaditly compared to an infectant! 

To date, there has been a spike of 691 cases in the country with 2,936 active positive cases that are still currently receiving treatment at hospitals merely due to clusters and people whom contradicted the virus from public places, example, via trains or malls.

To top it of, there are 39 critical patients receiving treatment under the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 141 deaths as to date!

MoH took to its various social media handles to alert the public by providing statistics on COVID-19 cases from each state.

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PECAHAN KES BAHARU (691) KEDAH-397 -394 kluster Tembok (3 BWN) -3 kluster Bah Sintok SABAH-219 -120 saringan bergejala (3 BWN) -36 saringan komuniti -30 kluster Bangau-Bangau (20 BWN) -19 kluster Ramai-Ramai (Kluster Baharu) -5 saringan kontak rapat -5 saringan petugas kesihatan -4 saringan masuk kerja SELANGOR-39 -17 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi -11 dari kluster Jalan Meru -9 saringan kontak rapat (1 BWN) -1 kluster Embun -1 import BWN tiba dari Filipina PERAK-8 -7 kluster Batu (Kluster Baharu) -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi N.SEMBILAN-7 -7 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi JOHOR-6 -3 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi -3 kluster Jalan Meru KL-6 -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi -1 kluster Jalan Meru -1 saringan pra-pembedahan -1 saringan kontak rapat -1 import WN pulang dari India -1 import BWN tiba dari Mesir SARAWAK-3 -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi -1 saringan Pintu Masuk Domestik -1 saringan kontak rapat P.PINANG-3 -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi -1 kes SARI -1 saringan kematian PUTRAJAYA-1 -1 kluster Selasih TERENGGANU-1 -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi LABUAN-1 -1 saringan pulang dari kawasan berisiko tinggi Sumber : @kementeriankesihatanmalaysia

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The rising cases contributing from the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia is a result of clusters formed in every part of the country, mainly originating from the highly infected Kedah cluster!

Netizens should bare in mind that the COVID-19 virus is a deadly infectious virus that could cause death and obvious symptoms would only manifest after 14 days. Hence, if you have exposed yourself to the danger zones or gotten yourself involved in any clusters, do your part and quarantine yourself at home. Remain indoors for the next two weeks.

Health Director-General, Dato’ Seri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah made a public announcement stating;

Those that have exposed themselves to COVID-19 infections and those that have been suspected and have done a COVID-19 test are requested to quarantine themselves for 14 days even prior to getting negative results after the test!

The Government has made a clear statement to netizens to beaware and avoid the 3C’s, which are Crowded Places, Closed- Contact Settings and Confined & Enclosed Spaces!

The main areas that have become hot spots for COVID-19 contractions are train stations, malls that provide interchange train services, and malls situated in suburbs across KL.

Here’s a list of places to avoid that have reported with +ve COVID-19 cases:

  • The Linc KL
  • Suria KLCC
  • NU Sentral
  • KL Gateway Mall
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • One Utama Shopping Mall
  • Paradigm Mall
  • Malls that provide train exchange getaways
  • All Public Transports, especially TRAINS!
  • Any form of mass gatherings held at the Red Zones!

All our lives have been severely accounted for by the never-ending pandemic and all the new standards we are expected to adhere to merely because of the infectious disease has taken a huge toll on many of us.

The ministry has advised older adults, individuals of any age with underlying medical conditions, and those at an elevated risk of serious illness to postpone non-essential travel to Malaysia. Traveling for work, medical reasons, or family emergencies can be some examples of critical travel for now.

The Do’s and Don’ts During The Pandemic-

  1. Wear a mask at all times when you leave your house.
  2. Sanitise your hands regularly if you are out in public and wash your hands before consuming anything!
  3. Do not rub or place your hands on your mouth, eyes or nose if you have been outside in public contact.
  4. Once, you return home, make sure you sanitise yourself and shower before attending to your loved ones at home.
  5. Do not travel anywhere unnecessarily, especially to the northern side of the peninsular.

Folks, we are all in this together in facing the pandemic on a daily basis. Anyone around us could be the carrier of the fatalistic virus, so, adhere to all the SOP’s imposed. 

Let’s work together more diligently in our effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus!