Connor’s Stout Porter – is our very own classic all time-favourite brew inspired by the original British Stout Porter recipe from the 1700s.” Connor’s is brewed with a great blend of 4 malts such as lager malt, caramel malt, brown malt and roasted barley for a unique balance of bitterness and robustness with gentle roasted caramel and coffee undertones.

Enjoy the BEST in life with Connor’s as it delivers a rich flavour and notes of coffee for a perfectly balanced taste that boast a creamy head and gentle roasty undertones with a unique balance of bitterness and robustness. Well, doesn’t it sound BREWLICIOUS ?

Connor’s Stout Porter introduced its iconic draught stout experience now in cans

Intrigued? You can now enjoy draught in a can with this groundbreaking innovation. Connor’s brings you this one of a kind unique experience to shake a can before savouring your favourite stout. Grab a can of Connor’s and try out this new beer drinking ritual now!

Follow the simple steps below to get the best drinking experience;

  1. Chill the can between 5 °C – 8 °C
  2. Gently shake till no sloshy sound
  3. Pour into the glass at a 45 ° angle

*Pro-tip to enjoy creamy head: Use a transparent glass to enjoy the cascading effect

Consumers can now try out this unique serving ritual by grabbing a FREE can of Connor’s from 7-Eleven or Mynews from 15 April 2021 (limited to first 9000 consumers only) – only valid at West Malaysia outlets, excluding Langkawi. Now that sounds terrific!

More to Come! Consumers who purchase RM25 and above of Connor’s in cans between 1 April to 31 May online or in-store will also stand to win 15 weekly grand prizes of a limited-edition Connor’s Dartboard and 80 weekly prizes of Connor’s limited-edition bomber jacket through its national consumer promo contest.

All you gotta do is submit your receipt to

012-686 2534 via Whatsapp to win one of the prizes.

So easy, right?

Connor’s Stout Porter, as a growing brand, continues to evolve and captivate stout lovers who seek joy from indulging a great rich taste of stout. Connor’s aspires to build experiences full of enriching and enthusiastic interaction, comfort, and laughter within a casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Connor’s Draught gives stout lovers the opportunity to ‘Taste the Good Times’ anytime, anywhere.

Join to #TasteTheGoodTimes by getting Connor’s can from any major super/hypermarkets, convenience stores and online platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Potboy & Pandamart.

And Pandamart.

“Taste the Good Times” anytime, anywhere with Connor’s Stout Porter.

#ConnorsMY #TasteTheGoodTimes #CelebrateResponsibly

This is a sponsored post by Connor’s Malaysia