There has been a lot of mixed reactions regarding Arya’s decision to look for a soulmate through a reality TV show, Enga Veetu Mapillai.

Some fans are worried that the girls on the show are fake and only pretending to like the actor for publicity reasons. Others, have voiced their support for the actor – wishing him the best and hoping he will finally find the love of his life.

However, most of Arya’s A-list celebrity friends have been teasing him about his decision to look for a bride through reality TV – including the likes of Jayam Ravi, Siddharth, and upcoming actor Mahendran.

“I’m waiting”, Jayam Ravi tweeted to Arya, his message accompanied with a grin.

Meanwhile, actor Mahendran urged Arya to quickly get hitched so there will be lesser competition for the other actors in the market.

Enga Veetu Mapillai has already started airing on Colors TV in India, and currently on its second episode.