On this episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai, the ladies compete in a kolam challenge to score a special date with Arya.

The girls were not limited in terms of creativity. They were allowed to design any kind of kolam they wanted, with any design and words. Agatha made a ‘hospital’ kolam, Ayeesha’s kolam revolved around football, Naveena drew a Mickey Mouse, and Kuhashini’s kolam reflected a peacock.

However, the Arya’s heart-winning kolam was Susanna’s heart-shaped kolam. Take a look here:

As the winner of the challenge, Arya presented her with the Token of Love, which makes her safe from the next elimination. Aside from that, the two also go on a special date together. We haven’t gotten to the date part, but from the teaser, it looks like they were on a hot air ballon!