Enga Veetu Mapillai is inching closer towards the end with only five girls left on the show. All the girls have left Jaipur and flown back to their hometown because it is time for Arya to visit his potential wife and his in-laws.

Over the course of the next few days, Arya will be making his way to all the girls’ homes to get to know their family members and friends. His first stop is Abarnathy’s simple and traditional home.

As villagers normally do, Arya received a grand welcome from her family members. They received him as though he really was their mapillai – with grand decorations, aarthi at the door, accompanied by melam and surrounded by relatives.

Abarnathy’s mother was happy to finally meet her mapillai in person.

Abarnathy was all shy and coy as she served Arya some coffee in traditional ponnu-style.

Arya was surprisingly very comfortable around Abarnathy’s family, he easily adapted to them, joked and laughed. He even teased and complained to Abarnathy’s mom about how he’s scared of her on the show and therefore tend to oblige to all her requests.

Abarnathy’s mom then gave Arya a memento in the form of a bicycle, and Arya joked saying “Ore cycle family iruke.” His mom laughed and agreed.