Rakul Preet Singh will be acting alongside Akkineni Nagarjuna in the forthcoming romantic-entertainer ‘Manmadhudu 2’.

A special teaser introducing her character Avantika was released last week. While it received positive feedbacks, the video clip has infuriated a section of the Internet.

The actor is playing a female version of Casanova in the film, she can be spotted smoking towards the end of the teaser.

And of course, as usual, Rakul Preet Singh got mercilessly trolled by some keyboard warriors on Twitter.

The actor finally responded to the on-going scene and delivered a befitting reply to haters. During the latest interaction with a reputed portal, she cited the example of Shahid Kapoor from ‘Kabir Singh’ and spoke lengthy on the issue.

“I don’t really get bothered by trolls. I think logo ka kaam hai kehna, kuch toh log kahenge. We are playing characters. Now, whether it is Kabir Singh… if Shahid is smoking in the film it does not make him a smoker. No way, he is promoting smoking. He is playing a character Arjun Reddy that is flawed and he does those things. In real life Shahid Kapoor is a vegetarian, we all know that.”

Yeah, it is about time someone spark a conversation about this. It is okay for a male actor to smoke an entire cigarette factory; throughout the entire film; and no one asks anything about it, but a teaser could evoke so much of drama. SHAME!

Responding on the allegations of promoting smoking on the silver screen, Rakul told that her character is not a “generalised” representation of women.

“People should disassociate to what we are playing onscreen is different and it is a story of that one person… we are not putting the entire girl clan into girls not showing in the right way. That’s not happening.”