So much love in one photo!

The Tamil remake of Telugu flick Arjun Reddy has been in the news for quite some time. Much has been said about Bala directing it initially with the title, Varma, which had Dhruv Vikram and Megha Chowdhury in lead roles.

Later, the production company wasn’t satisfied with the output and commenced shooting again, with Gireesaaya at the helm. The project was then titled as Adithya Varma. While Dhruv was retained as the lead, Banita Sandhu was roped in as the female lead.


After waiting for a long time, it was recently confirmed that the movie will hit screens on November 8.

A recent picture of Dhruv and Vikram started doing the rounds on social media from Tuesday morning. The duo was spotted at Chandigarh airport taking a nap. Vikram fans and other movie buffs couldn’t be happier seeing the adorable photo shared by Dhruv on his Instagram page with the caption, “Sharing dreams”.

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Sharing dreams ?

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This is super sweet! Vikram has been there for Dhruv through out the entire shoot of the film. Dhruv even went on to say that, ” I am nothing like my dad”! It is so refreshing to see a very healthy father-son relationship opposed to the usual crap of tough love and having unhealthy “competition”!

Watch the trailer of Aditya Varma here.